About “Better Titleholders”

“Better Titleholders” is dedicated to the belief that titleholders are an important part of the Leather Community, but they are only of value if they are good titleholders.

We have all seen contests which have no contestants; contestants who should never have been on stage; contest winners who never should have won; titleholders who don’t fulfill their obligations or perhaps worse, nearly kill or bankrupt themselves in the process; producers who give no direction to their titleholders; and former titleholders who burn out and disappear.

We believe that a whole lot of these problems can be solved by simply having better resources, better preparation, and better communication available.  (And then force people to take advantage of that!)

About the “Blog Sir”

Jim Drew has been involved in all aspects of the gay men’s leather community since the early 1990s, including holding leather and bear titles as Seattle Leather Daddy 2004, International Mr. Saliva 2006 (yup!), Mr. Northwest Cub 2011, and most recently, Northwest LeatherSIR 2012.  He has competed for Mr. International Rubber, American Leatherman, and International LeatherSIR.

Jim has presented workshops for Seattle Men in Leather’s Tribal Instincts, Kansas City Leather University, and Anchorage’s Northern Exposure, covering everything from Online Cruising to Rubber Gear to Butt Sex. Event workshops largely occur and evaporate, but “Better Titleholders” will servce as an ongoing workshop, persisting and growing over time.

About Additional Content

We welcome your input.  In addition to leaving comments regarding individual posts and Liking or Sharing them to social media sites, we would love to publish guest posts or resources from other writers.  A diversity of voices will help make “Better Titleholders” that much… better.

Contact us at better@soundskinky.com.

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